Design: YKSI Ontwerp

The design of Signum, our floor lamp, is timeless. With just one simple twist, Signum allows you to direct the light where it’s most needed, without moving the lamp even one inch. The Signum is available in two different shapes: round and rectangular.

Yksi Ontwerp, Kees Heurkens: “Signum, meaning: icon. A timeless shape and presence formed Signum. Place this lamp in the right place in your interior and it will steal the show.”

Signum is available in two different heights: perfect for everyone!


3ds model Signum Circle

3ds model Signum Square

Skp model Signum Circle

Skp model Signum Square

Photography: Jeroen van der Wielen | Location: Galerie De Kliuw | Shelf: Nob Ruijgrok |