Dutch urban design collective

JAPTH is a Dutch urban design collective that launched a collection of distinctive LED-design lamps. “We notice that the range of possibilities and features of LED lighting remain underexposed in many designs. We want to make a change with this collection that exudes pure perfection and in which LED technology is the key element”, said JAPTH founders Aart van Rooij (DutchAart), Eduard Sweep (Yksi Ontwerp) and Kees Heurkens. JAPTH: Just A Perfect Thing! 

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Pure perfection

JAPTH aims to design high quality LED lamps made from sustainable materialswith delicate shapes each with their own distinctive character.The features and possibilities of LED are used to the fullest in every design. The result? A unique LED lighting collection. JAPTH joined forces with well-known Dutch designers and up-and-coming young talent. The design collection consists of seven unique lamps, such as floor lamps and pending lamps, perfectly made for home use and for the contract market. 

Sustainable and eco-friendly design

All lamps are manufactured in the Netherlands in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. The lamps are handmade by people who, for whatever reason, have difficulty finding a job independently.  The collection consists of energy-efficient lamps. JAPTH strives to ensure that all lamps are manufactured in a fair and sustainable way with the least possible adverse impact on people and the environment.  

Leaders in LED lighting

The mission of JAPTH is clear: LED is leading! We are ambitious and we have a clear vision for the future. With a network of agencies throughout Europe, we aim to present ourselves as the leaders in LED lighting design and technology within a couple of years.

JAPTH founders: Kees Heurkens, Aart van Rooij ( DutchAart ), Eduard Sweep ( Yksi Ontwerp )

JAPTH founders: Kees Heurkens, Aart van Rooij (DutchAart), Eduard Sweep (Yksi Ontwerp)

The people behind JAPTH

JAPTH is an initiative of designers Aart van Rooij and Eduard Sweep. They have worked together for years and trust each other blindly. Both designers have years of experience in interior and product design and are very familiar with the world of design. Aart has travelled a lot abroad and his experiences of the past years served as a source of inspiration to establish this new Dutch design label with a focus on the international world. “The world of interior and design virtually has no limits. I enjoy working in Amsterdam just as much as I enjoyed working in London and Sydney during the past couple of years. In fact: the combination of all these international influences have enriched me enormously, as a human being and as a professional.’’ Eduard is the owner of the successful design studio Yksi Ontwerp and is one of the initiators of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. He is just as enthusiastic about the new label: ‘’We would like to open doors for new and inspiring collaborations in design and manufacturing. For Yksi we are always looking to create designs with new combinations of shapes, techniques and materials. Functional, timeless, but overall something unexpected. All of this forms the basis of JAPTH: Just A Perfect Thing’’.